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Raleigh County Parks and Recreation, Lake Stephens, Announces the Start of Dam Rehabilitation Project

Beckley, WV, September 22, 2020 – Raleigh County Parks and Recreation and Lake Stephens have announced
the start date for the Dam Rehabilitation Project. All Con Inc. will be the company completing the work. They
were awarded the contract in the competitive bidding process in July of this year.

Some areas of Lake Stephens will be closed during this project. The dam parking area will be closed starting
September 22, 2020. Kayaks can launch from the main marina until its closure. Starting on October 1, 2020
boat access to Lake Stephens will be closed due to the location of launches and the water level. Officials have
partially opened the gate on the dam to allow the water level to drop slowly over the next two weeks. The
water being released will be increased after the Marina closes to allow the water to drop to an adequate level
for the work on the dam to be performed. The dam area and the surrounding facilities will be closed until the
project is completed. The project is estimated to be complete by the beginning of January. Although the
winter boat launch may not be available until the water level is adequate.

Drilling and blasting will be part of the project. The approximate dates that blasting will occur are between
October 5 and October 23. Access to the dam and overlook areas will be restricted during those times. Anyone
in the vicinity of the area may hear warning sirens and blast shots during daylight hours throughout those

The RV and tent camping will be open until October 31, 2020. The cabins and pavilion will remain available.
The project consists of increasing the crest of the dam, modifying the auxiliary spill-way and flow area, adding
wave protection to the lake side of the dam, and repairing the rock facing on the downward slope of the main
spill-way. The dam is working and there is no threat of failure. This work is being done per the WVDEP Dam
Safety guidelines.

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