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Raleigh County Parks and Recreation Hosting Public Clue Game

Starting on March 4, 2021 Raleigh County Parks and Recreation will be hosting a Clue Game for the public. Similar to the board game there will be suspects, weapons, and location clues. Clues can be found at 4 parks, Lake Stephens, Dry Hill Prosperity Park, Stoco Community Park and Fitzpatrick Park. The object of the game is to find all the clues to determine who killed Mr Covid, where Mr. Covid was killed and with what weapon. Winning entries have the chance to win a water park pass or a gift certificate.

The instructions and game sheet will be available to print from our website and Facebook pages. It is free to play and free to enter for prizes. Clue cards will be outside and visible in different locations at the 4 parks. When you find a clue, mark your findings on your game sheet and leave the clue for the next detective!

For directions to the parks click on park links below and then click directions.

Please follow all Covid guidelines while visiting the parks. Leave all clue cards in the location you find them. Do not post or share pictures of clues.

No one was hurt in the marking of this game. Mr. Covid is a made up character.

Have Fun!