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Photo Contest

● You must follow each clue and snap a photo of each location.
● Extra points if you include yourself in the photo or a group in the photo.
● Please be mindful of others, when taking these photos.
● Photos taken and submitted will be used on our social media pages.
● Each photo is worth 2 points, if it includes you or your group it will be worth 4
● Bonus clues are worth 6 points each.
● Photos submitted by July 31, 2023 with the most points will win.
● Prize includes (one night cabin rental, beach & splash pad pass for day of stay,
and one rental of your choice-aqua park, aqua bike, paddle boat, or kayak.)
● You must use your prize by July 31, 2024.
Once you have checked each o, submit your photos in the order they are listed
below to
Any questions email or call 304-946-5293.
The contest will run from July 8, 2023-July 31, 2023.

Name: ____________________________ Phone: _____________
Address: _____________________________________________
Email Address: _________________________________________

Each of these clues can be found in areas in Lake Stephens.

1. You can jump, climb, splash & play on me (Don’t forget the lifejacket)
2. Don’t forget the sunscreen, spread the towel out and enjoy sunbathing on me.
3. Relax and float away on me.
4. Splish, Splash having a blast.
5. Keep your eyes open for our blue friend that visits the Splash Pad.
6. Look high, Look low, look all around, where would you go to look everywhere?
7. Duck, watch out for flying discs.
8. Higher and higher you go, the more you pump the higher you go.
9. Row, Row, Row your ___________, gently down the stream.
10. Without these our park couldn’t open.
11. Take a break, it’s lunchtime.
12. I have four legs but can’t walk.

Bonus Point Pictures
Fitzpatrick Park
1. Swing batter batter, swing; big things happen under the big lights.
2.Throw a line in and sit back and relax, next to me.

Dry Hill Prosperity Park
1. Monkey see monkey do, what shall we do?
2. Stiff is my spine and my body is pale, but I’m always ready to tell a tale.

Marsh Fork High School Memorial Park
1. Kids love me although I take them down.
2. Some like to eat lunch with me.

Stoco Community
1. Blue and Gold are spread throughout.
2. Your legs may be tired, but I’m here to help.