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Disc Golf Sponsorship Pledge Drive

Raleigh County Parks and Recreation is launching a pledge drive for the construction of a disc golf course at Lake Stephens overlook. This course will be the first free 18-hole disc golf course in the county. 

Disc golf is a rapidly growing lifestyle sport that has exploded across the nation as well as the entire world. It is played with discs and baskets with similarities to golf. It can be played by a wide range of ages and skill level, as well as year around. 

With the increase in popularity and the heavy interest of local residents, Raleigh County Parks and Recreation has decided that a disc golf course is the perfect addition to the recreation opportunities at Lake Stephens. 

“Disc Golf is a great up and coming sport and outdoor recreation activity that many can and will enjoy. Having a free 18-hole course in Raleigh County will provide a valuable recreational resource for our residence and visitors,” said Ron Hedrick, Raleigh County Commissioner. Growing and modernizing our parks is imperative as we continue to move forward in making our county the pride and joy of Southern West Virginia. Our parks and recreational areas are a vital asset to our community and we should always seek to improve them. 

While disc golf courses require a fraction of the cost of many other sports venues and are much less environmentally destructive, it will still require support to create this course. To make this a reality, Raleigh County Parks and Recreation is asking for help in the form of monetary, material, and volunteer help. There are many ways to contribute to this effort, Full hole sponsorship, partial hole sponsorship, monetary donation, supply donations, as well as volunteers to help to install the course. 

Raleigh County Parks and Recreation will take pledges and donations until the project is completed.

Download the Lake Stephens Disc Golf Course Sponsorship Pledge Form