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“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” 
-Mr. Rogers

New Playgrounds for Raleigh County

A Special Thank You to our fiscal sponsor Forward Southern West Virginia.

Raleigh County is a place that we all love. From the mountains and waterways to the wonderful people that live here, it is a place that so many are proud to call home. We have a proud history, and an incredibly bright future. One way that we can continue to invest in that future is by building a community that is safe and inclusive – regardless of ability. Every park in our community was built with able-bodied children in mind. Very little (if any) consideration was ever given to those children who may have a disability. That’s why we are building three all-inclusive playgrounds that will be located throughout the county. We believe that every child deserves the chance to play, regardless of ability level, and know that they matter. In addition, these playgrounds will connect children to the topic of energy and connect the past to the future.

This project is being led by a Raleigh County Parks and Recreation who are determined to make the future of our community better, and we need your help. It’s our dream to build the best playground in the region. Your financial support can make that happen, and no gift is too small or too big. This dream we have is only possible with your support. Join us, and let’s make this community a better place.

These playgrounds are designed for individuals of all abilities and disabilities. Bringing children together in one play space to learn and play together.

Each playground will contain an energy piece that uses the energy produced to play music and lights. In addition, there are several panels with features that also use their play energy to engage children in discovering their potential energy.

These three playgrounds are multi-functional. They will connect children to energy use around them. They will show kids their potential energy literally and figuratively. The playgrounds will feed their minds, bodies and souls.

Dry Hill Prosperity Park Playground

The theme for this playground is based on vehicles and modes of travel. You will see play panels focusing on driving and cars, you will see bouncy cars to ride and other vehicle themes throughout. In addition the energy piece, merry go round and panels in the playground will help make the connection to energy use in vehicles, such as gasoline and diesel. It will connect kids’ potential energy use to energy use in travel. As they play on the merry go round they produce energy and are able to create lights and sounds from playing.

Fitzpatrick Park Playground

Softball and healthy eating is the theme of Fitzpatrick’s playground. With softball theming in the equipment. We will also educate playground goers to the benefit of healthy fueling of our bodies. What foods help our bodies produce energy. Tieing in the human powered swings and human energy with lights and music.

Lake Stephens Overlook

With the view of the lake and the forest from this playground the theme is nature and natural resources. With tree climbers and other forest elements integrated into the design this playground will also feature a human powered seesaw with lights and sounds. We will connect children to coal energy from the past, present and future. How does their energy compare to coal energy?

There are so many ways to help this project.

1. Make a cash gift of any amount.
2. Sponsor a piece of equipment or join a Giving Club.
3. Share our project with others.
4. Connect us to others who would want to make a difference.
5. Host an event to showcase our projects.

Becoming Sponsors

Current Sponsors

Club Sponsors

Lake Club ($10,000 or above)
River Club ($5,000 – $9,999)

Arch Resources

Stream Club ($1,000 – $4,999)

Beckley Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce
District Veterans Contracting

Other Donors & Sponsors

Cunningham Recreation
Jan Care Ambulance Service
Cucumber & Company