Camping Rates

All Lodging Requires A 25% Down Payment and a $5 surcharge


Nightly: $32 (30 AMP) / $35 (50 AMP)
Weekly: $200 (30 AMP) / $225 (50 AMP)
Monthly: $400 (30 AMP) / $425 (50 AMP)
All Season: $425
All Season Raleigh County Resident Monthly: $340
Raleigh County Resident 2 Weeks: $232 (30 AMP) / $360 (50 AMP)
Raleigh County Resident Monthly: $320 (30 AMP) / $425 (50 AMP)
Winter Storage (6 Months): $210


Nightly: $22
Weekly: $145


Cabin deposit: $200

Small Cabins

Monday thru Thursday: $75 (sleeps 5)
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Holiday $100 (sleeps 5)
Weekly: $450 (sleeps 5)
Winter Monthly: $550

Large Cabins

Monday thru Thursday: $100 (sleeps 6)
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Holiday: $135 (sleeps 6)
Weekly: $500 (sleeps 6)
Winter Monthly: $600

2 Bedroom Cabin

Monday thru Thursday: $175 (sleeps 4-5)
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Holiday: $225
Weekly: $600
Winter Monthly: $750

3 Bedroom Cabins

Monday thru Thursday: $200 (sleeps 6)
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Holiday: $250
Weekly: $700
Winter Monthly: $850

All renters will need to provide their own linens (sheets, pillows, etc.)
and cooking utensils (pots, plates, forks, etc)

Park Regulations


  • Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited within the lake stephens park boundaries!

  • One responsible person who has passed his/her 21st birthday shall be at each campsite.

  • Check out time is 12:00 noon.  Check in time is 2:00 pm.

  • Quiet hours are from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am.  However, please always be considerate of everyone around you at all times.

  • All campers must register at the office.  Visitors not registered as overnight guests must vacate the park by 10:00pm.

  • There are no canopies or tents allowed in the RV park.

  • The gathering of fire wood is not permitted.  Campers may bring their own or purchase it from the camp store.

  • No modifications are to be made to any campsite.  Digging, trenching, planting or other means is strictly prohibited. 

  • No object may be driven into any tree, shrub, rock, sign, building or other object or structure in any rcra campground.

  • No use of hay or straw.

  • The use of illegal fireworks is strictly prohibited.

  • RCRA is not responsible for any loss or damages to equipment due to fire or any other cause. Also, the RCRA is not responsible for any equipment left unattended.

  • All pets must be kept on a leash. You must clean up after your pets.

  • All boats, jet skis, etc. and/or trailers must be parked in the designated areas.  Any of these vehicles at any campsite is not permitted.

  • Maximum speed limit in the park is 5 mph unless otherwise posted.

  • No pets allowed on the beach!

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